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Have a FOMO?

  • Begin trading using real crypto-currency data.

  • It's a game so no real money to lose / win.

  • Fantasy League - Challenge your friends to trade in crypto.

  • Learn as you go with no risk.

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Blockchain technology and apps are going to reshape the world as we know it, but we're here to help make that experience a fun one...

Finding Fun in Crypto

How's your memory?

  • An Elephant has extremely good memory!

  • Test your memory against family and friends.

  • This is extreme, this is intense, this is pure Elephant Ninja!

  • Improve your memory.

  • Take home the title "Memory Ninja!"

We've Come a Long Way

We've learned...

We've innovated...

We've had fun doing it...

and now...

We want to share it with you!

Elephant Ninja was found by 2 crypto enthusiasts, Stuart and Kevin, in 2017. The vision was simple: "We need a fun-filled app that will bring crypto-trading to the masses, without have to lose your hard-earned fiat currency" - Yes we speak Crypto rather well...

Back then bitcoin was going to the moon... we were HODL'ing for dear life....

Elephant Ninja joined forces with MOURI Tech to develop it's first app called "My Crypto League". With a dedicated team of designers and developers, in the USA and India, the app became a reality in August 2019.

We are continuing the journey to bring more fun-filled apps and games to our users. 


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